Monday, June 29, 2009

Cakes, Cards and Angels - oh my!

Ok, Here we go... I can't believe i was such a BAD blogger, and let a week go by without posting!!! i am so sorry!! I vow, never again.
So, without making you wait any longer - here are some fun pics of what i did this week.

First, we have Cait's last day of school, and her teacher's birthday, well, what do you get a teacher who is just the BEST?! A cake -- but not just any cake -- a paper cake, lol. I used my Cricut and my Tags, Bags, Boxes and More cartridge to create this two layer cake. I filled the boxes with chocolates and mini tootsie rolls.
Then i added a cup full of goodies on top with ribbon. The sides of the cake slices are stamped with the apple from the "Tart and Tangy" Stampin' Up Set.

Next, here is my card for last week's color challenge that i posted below. I used Fifth Avenue Floral for my stamp set, along with a level one hostess set for the "Be Happy" - which will retire as of Weds!

Lastly, we went to the RI Air National Guard Airshow yesterday at Quonset Point. I hadn't been to this since I had met Dave over 12 years ago, and i first went when he was in the National Guard (Military Police) and me and my friend Vicki went - I have always wanted to get back to go, but for whatever reason, it just never fell on a good weekend it seemed.. either too hot, too rainy, to busy.. etc. So, this was my chance!
I love this!! The louder the better IMO.. however, Cait didn't see it that way.. LOL

I was able to get some great shots -- and that is hard to do when they are flying overhead anywhere b/w 300-650 mph! LOL I need to clean them up in photoshop, and brighten them up. but overall, not bad.
This first pic is of an F22, the newest plane in the show.. VERY VERY LOUD and VERY VERY fast....SOOOO COOL!!!!

Next, the finishing act is always the Navy's Blue Angels. They are awesome --- there is no way you can go and not stay til the end just to see them. The way they fly so close together and fluently, just gives me chills.... again, loud and fast... LOVED them!!!

Got lots of nice shots, hopefully i can share more when i have time to clean them up a bit!
HAve a great night!


  1. I love your rainbow coloured cake, what a lucky teacher!

  2. Awesome Stacy!! Love the air show pics, and your "cakes" are totally scrumptious (sp?).

  3. I Love the cake. i tried making one once...all I have to say is I better stay with the kind that comes in a box:)

  4. Very cool!!! I did a double take because the Blue Angels were here in Binghamton, NY over July 4th weekend. I live near the aiport and could practically watch the whole show.